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LED Lighting Products Manufacturer

POLY-C is proud to bring you the finest collection of energy-efficient and environmental friendly LED products. Our aptly designed lighting solutions include the LED spotlight, panel light, and much more.

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    1. PAR30 LED Lamp The LED PAR light uses flat or concave lens to limit the viewing angle. Aluminum die casting or other heat dissipation material is employed to carry away the heat produced by the LED chips. More >>
    1. Ultra Slim LED Panel Light The ultra slim LED panel light has edge-lit LEDs arranged along the edge of its panel. A happy side effect of edge-lit technology is that the light can be thinner than the LED-backlit models. More >>
    1. Anti-glare LED Ceiling LightDiscomforting glare caused by bright lights can often lead to eye fatigue as a result of constant squinting. That is why we need to install the light in the sunken area of the fixture...More >>
    1. Back-lit LED Ceiling LightThe backlit LED ceiling light is often seen as an better alternative to traditional ceiling lamps for household and commercial use. Keeping it simple is one principle we conform... More >>
    1. COB LED Ceiling Light The chips-on-board LED ceiling light is designed to meet the need for high brightness and clustered lighting. By combining multiple LED chips in a single housing, the light has enhanced...More >>
    1. Round LED Ceiling Light In addition to providing basic lighting for your living room, a round LED ceiling light also adds a decorative pattern to the living space. Thanks to the edge-lit technology... More >>
    1. T5 LED TubeThe T5 lighting system produced by our company is a one-piece element that combines the T5 LED tube with T5 fixture. Buying our T5 light means you do not need to buy a separate fixture. More >>
    1. LED Downlight The LED downlight is designed and developed on the basis of traditional can lights. Energy efficient and long lasting, this state of the art light leaves smaller carbon footprint... More >>
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